Learn More About Haliburton Forest Staff & Our History

Already over 50 years old, here’s why Haliburton Forest will be here for another 100 years


Haliburton Forest is an outdoor lover’s paradise, with activities available year-round. Experience signature Canadian activities: from dog sledding in winter, to Wolf Howl Programs in the summer.

With a property of 100,000 acres, Haliburton Forest gives guests room to explore Ontario’s great outdoors. Whether you are witnessing it from the ground, or from the treetops, Haliburton Forest is a well-managed slice of Canada’s natural forest and crystal-clear lakes.

But Haliburton Forest offers more than just outdoor experiences. The forest is a rich part of Canadian history, and Haliburton Forest staff are committed to practicing and teaching sustainable forestry, using the most up-to-date science and technology.

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Haliburton Forest’s Logging History

Timber harvesting has been carried out on these lands since before Canada’s Confederation. European loggers believed the New World’s timber supplies to be inexhaustible.

Forestry activities operated at an unsustainable pace resulting in the rapid decline in the health and quality of what we now know as Haliburton Forest.

Making Haliburton Forest Sustainable

But in the last few decades (since 1962), Haliburton Forest has been transformed from a depleted forestry holding into a thriving, multi-use operation. From 2009 till 2017, Haliburton Forest has almost doubled the forest acreage from 60,000 acres to 100,000!

Today, logging is still conducted on an extensive scale but in a way that improves the quality of the forest. Rather than taking the best wood, the company’s foresters mark and take out low quality and mature wood, a major reversal of previous practices.

The result: a high quality, healthy forest that can be enjoyed today and will last long into the future. Haliburton Forest was the first forest in Canada to be certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Haliburton Forest’s management practices receive international acclaim on a regular basis.

Haliburton Forest Today

A sawmill operates on Haliburton Forest property, processing all 25 species of wood found here. Products created from the sustainably harvested forest include:

  • Forest food, like honey, maple syrup, mushrooms and teas
  • Wooden treasures, such as turned bowls, utensils, and birdhouses
  • Lumber for your projects
  • Paddles, pre-made and customized to each paddler’s needs
  • Custom Furniture, turning your vision into a special wood piece
  • Log Cabins, from palatial cottages to sheds and tiny homes.

For more details, check out the Haliburton Forest Store online or visit us onsite!