Live Webcam at Basecamp

Live Webcam at Basecamp

We made another step into the future, and have now installed a live webcam at the Basecamp.

During my last visit at the basecamp I installed a camera to use through our website as a live webcam. The main purpose of this webcam is to complement our “Current conditions” page, so that customers can see what the weather is like at The Forest.

I had a hard time getting the camera up and running. Not the hardware, but the network connection: In a network with 3 routers, cable modem and various firewalls it’s quite a challenge to create a permanent connection from the outside world (this internet website) into the basecamp office.

For the technically interested among you: I installed a Foscam FI9821W, which can be remote controlled and also provides infrared lighting for some night vision. It’s a very nice IP camera at a reasonable price.

You should be able to access the webcam on this page. If no image shows up after a few seconds, some “hickup” must be going on. Please drop me an email at and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.